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Ngmoco Petition

This petition is for the developers at ngmoco, Inc., as a request from a dedicated fanbase regarding the game Eliminate Pro for the iDevices. As a community, the fans of this game are extremely disappointed with the way the game has gone. There are numerous bugs in the game, as well as exploitable glitches and security hacks that make the game unplayable to the honest gamer. Not to mention, the game has gone months without any new content, including many concepts which players have been consistently asking for, such as team-versus-team gameplay, improved bot battles, and improved graphics for the iOS4 devices. As it stands, Eliminate is a shoddy game in great need of improvement, and this petition was created in an effort to send a message to you at ngmoco: please put effort into fixing and improving this game. I believe you can. The people signing this petition believe in you, too, and are showing their support for ngmoco making Eliminate awesome again.

This petition is crearted by Zigma. It is free to sign your name. The company hosting the petition website will ask you to donate money. This is entirely optional and don't click on the 'donate' button if you don't wish to spend any money.

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